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coconut charcoal indulging

BAST bbq coconut charcoal is the ultimate barbecue experience in summer and winter. Think of it as a mini-vacation in your own backyard on long evenings where you eat with friends together and relax. BAST bbq coconut charcoal is a durable quality product with a social impact.




These high quality coconut charcoal is ideal for barbecuing! BAST bbq coconut charcoal burns longer and more consistently than regular charcoal. Moreover, it stays hot for a long time, less smoke and barly flames. Ideal for (in) directly, low and slow barbecue sessions.



friendly & sustainable

For one kg of wood charcoal you need five kg of wood, for one kg of coconut charcoal you need only tree kg of coconutshells. Sulawesi in Indonesia produces 15 bil. Coconuts a year BAST bbq coconut charcoal is made from coconutshells, a waste product from the coconut industry. With BAST you can reduce the mountains of coconutshell waste in Indonesia. For this barbecue charcoal you don´t need any tree to be cut down!



The whole product is made in Indonesia and packed at a fair price. This will benefit local farmers and businesses. BAST also wants to work on better working conditions and production methods. Like mr. Ipri, he got a drivers certificate forklifting. Now he have more skill and the proces is going faster.



Founder BAST

BAST bbq coconut charcoal is a trademark of Martono&Company, founded by Jeroen Martono Janssens. It is a wonderful alternative to regular charcoal and good for the consumer, the Indonesian people and the environment. Jeroen was born in Indonesia and raised in the Netherlands. Here he received all the opportunities that are not so obvious in Indonesia. He therefore wants to work on products that benefit the Indonesian people and the environment. During one of his trips back through Indonesia, Jeroen saw this wonderful product, how it works and the many advantages. And because he really likes to cook and delicious food he got very excited about bbq coconut charcoal. Besides Jeroen wants to create a bigger market for Indonesia for more economic development. With his entrepreneurial spirit and his care for people and planet, he launches BAST bbq-coconutcharcoal.


14 May 2016


De BAST-ONE komt eind mei binnen. Eindelijk de BAST-ONE komt naar Nederland. De briket waar iedereen op zit te wachten en waar je mooi 1,5u mee […]
14 May 2016

BAST on Tour

BAST is deze zomer op verschillende markten en foodfestivals te vinden. Voel, kijk, proef en beleef BAST op de barbecue. BAST zal op deze markten en […]
14 August 2015

SPOGA 2015 in Keulen

BAST bbq-kokoskool op de SPOGA 2015 in Keulen van 30 augustus t/m 1 september. Hal 7, stand E.071. 


3 May 2016

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